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Dr. Oleg Antonov, MD

As a youth in Soviet Russia, it was very difficult for Oleg to freely plan his future. In 1978 Oleg’s mother gave him the book “Unwanted Elements” by Christiaan Barnard who successfully perform the first heart transplant surgery on December 2nd, 1967. From his experience reading this chronicle he was inspired to go into medicine and become a Cardio Thoracic Surgeon. Surprisingly he had a chance to work with another Cardio Thoracic legend, Dr. Horace MacVaugh III. Dr. MacVaugh who in 1970 did the first Coronary Artery Shunting successfully. Much later Oleg and Dr. MacVaugh worked together doing Hair Transplants in U.S and other countries.

It was the middle of the night in 1981, while Oleg was finishing his first year of medical school and working as an O.R. technician, an EMS car delivered an 18 year old female with acute appendicitis. Over the intercom “Oleg! Scrub up and prepare to help in surgery”. After local anesthesia had been administered the surgeon handed a scalpel to Oleg saying, “You may begin. I will guide you.” Oleg was sweating bullets while making his first incision. This was the beginning of Oleg’s surgical career. He became deeply interested in Microsurgery when in 1984 he was given the opportunity to observe this unique case. A horrible accident happened which became a world known medical event. A father operating a Farm Combine accidentally cut the legs off of his four year old little girl, Leslie. Russian military pilots placed frozen fish on her limbs to prevent necrotization of tissue and flew her 600 miles to Moscow hospital number 52. The surgeon on call, Dr. Rezo Datiashvili, and his group performed a unique procedure lasting 16 hours. Today Dr. Datiashvili is a famous professor of plastic surgery at Kennedy Hospital in New Jersey and Leslie happily lives without any walking limitations in Berlin, Germany. Oleg’s practical skills in Microsurgery helped him to master the very tedious techniques involved in Hair Transplant and other Dermatological Procedures.

Dr. Antonov joined our staff at Capri Hair Restoration in 2007. He brought with him many years of surgical experience in different fields of medicine. Working many years for Nu/Hart International as an estetic and hair transplant surgeon , providing training to their worldwide teams, he was the perfect fit for Capri’s mission plan and his own practice in general and estetic dermatology. He and his assistants have successfully provide FUT, FUE, PRP, FSG and multiple diagnostic and dermatologic procedures,profilactics and maintanence,treatment of acute and chronic skin problems to a multitude of satisfied patients here at Capri Hair Restoration.

  • Oleg Antonov graduated from The First Moscow Medical Institute in 1986. During his education he spent a significant amount of time mastering his skills in microsurgery.

  • 1986-1988 successful completion of general surgery residency on the Base of United Center of Surgery of Russia in Moscow.

  • 1988 completed training in Cardio-Vascular Surgery.

  • 1989-1992 Third Department Ministry of Health on the Base Hospital Number 83 as attending surgeon.

  • 1992 immigrated to United States. He began working as house physician at Youngstown Hospital OH. During this period he met Professor Paul Weiss D.O. who was one of the pioneers of Hair Restoration in the U.S. This is when Dr. Antonov began his training as a Hair Transplant and Estetic Surgeon.

  • 1996-2003 Nu-Hart Hair Solution Company International performing consults, physician assistant and surgical responsibilities in Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Pittsburg, Denver, Philadelphia, San Juan, Dubai, Manilla, and the Philippines under the supervision of prominent American doctors i.e. Horace MacVaugh, Oleg Korolov and others.

  • 2004-2007 graduated from Underwood Memorial Hospital residency in Family Medicine.

  • 2007-2008 Returned to Nu-Hart Hair Solutions in King of Prussia, PA as a Hair Transplant Surgeon and began working at Reading Hospital, PA as EMR Attending.

  • 2008 to present – became Chief of the surgical group of doctors and assistants at Capri Hair Restoration and continued his responsibilities at Reading Hospital’s EMR.

  • 2013 to present – opened clinical dermatology office in Philadelphia, PA